Arthur Joel (AJ) Key – Training in Mission

10922876_947125931971817_5015710627808787328_nCurrently AJ Key is away on a Training in Mission programme.

here you are able to read updates of his experiences and that of his fellow trainees.

TIM-2015-Newsletter 1

TIM-2015-Newsletter 2




Auckland Reflection

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Training in Mission (TIM) is a cross cultural training programme for young adults from member churches in the Council for World Mission. In 2015, TIM is being held in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, the Kiribati Protestant Church, and the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The aims of the Training in Mission Programme are to:

  • provide a training for life.
    • It is intended to be a stage in Christian formation which helps each participant in a life–long involvement with the mission of the church.
  • offer training which provides:
    • wider vision;
    • deepened commitment;
    • a strengthened sense of fellowship and partnership with other Christians around the world, particularly through CWM churches.

Though initiated three decades ago, CWM is constantly refining the content and methodology of the Training in Mission. However, we wish to reiterate the following at the very outset.

  • Though the title uses the phrase training, the Programme is aimed at formation, the formation is for life. In other words, recognizing the locus of mission as the ‘public space’, TIM is a learning process of enabling participants discover perspectives and develop skills for a life of witnessing.
  • TIM is an enabling experience. Enable participants for an adventure of faith, rooted in God and enacted in the world.
  • TIM is a journey of Transformation, a dialectic of self and society.


e-Book Study Resources

Understanding Multiculturalism  Published by the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Written by Andrea Candy and edited by Jose Reader and Andrea Candy. February 2014

Elders-Handbook-2011  Written by the Rev Dr Graham Redding, Principal of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. March 2011

Membership  A brochure detailing the basics of membership of the Wakatipu Community Presbyterian Church.


Reviving the Flame at GA12

Recently I attended the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ). The biennial General Assembly gathered on the grounds of Te Maungarongo, our national marae, in Ohope for the opening ceremony and worship then continued at Rotorua Boys’ High School from October 4th to 7th.

In my experience Assembly is always a paradox – I enjoy attending, I value the sense of being God’s church, I appreciate conversations (albeit brief) with old friends and listening to contrary opinions, I rejoice in the times of worship – especially when we are stilled.

Yet Assembly is also a place of stress and distress: long days (8:30am to about 10pm), protracted debates, broken relationships, entrenched positions, too few voices, hurried decisions, apathy. This, and more, is the paradox of Assembly, the paradox of being human. We are inconsistent beings – capable of profound love, humility, and insight: and profanity.

We weep – God weeps.

We weep – God swoops to our side and loves us. Continue reading