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We are the Presbyterian Church of the Wakatipu, a Church of the Nations for the Nations. Our desire is to glorify God by serving people locally and abroad.

Currently, our international mission commitment is focused on Nepal and Vanuatu.  The Church Council invites support of these missions by praying, by giving, and by going.

Please read on and consider carefully this short introduction to these mission opportunities.

If you are giving to mission: thank you. If you are not then we encourage you to prayerfully consider what you can do. The truth is that every prayer and every dollar and every person that takes an interest does make a difference.

The joy in mission is seeing lives changed and in the process of serving we ourselves are served, and God is honoured.

Why Mission?

The answer is a simple response to the declaration of Jesus that empowered by the Holy Spirit we are to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8).

In this task we remember the command of God to be a blessing to others, in particular the poor and disadvantaged. At the same time the command of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations,   baptising them in the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you’ (Matthew 28:19-20), reminds us the greatest blessing anyone can receive is eternal life in Jesus.

The primary task of Wakatipu Global Mission is to partner with local churches and other groups and to offer support in the areas that they believe it is most valuable. At home, we raise awareness, teach, and encourage every member of the congregation to be actively involved in mission beyond New Zealand.

There are many mission opportunities and occasionally we will support a wide range of these but for now, our efforts are focused on two nations: Nepal and Vanuatu.

A good starting point for anyone drawn to pray and support these nations is to read up on their history and current situation.


Here our main connection is with a local national church from the reformed tradition. They are currently developing a program of Church Planting and Evangelism across the nation and we have committed to the financial support of two of their Church Planters. Occasionally members of the ministry team and others visit to offer teaching, friendship, and encouragement.

In addition, we have links with the Apple of God’s Eyes, The Spring School and the Children of Nepal. The Apple of God’s Eyes is an organisation dedicated to the restoration of girls who have returned to Nepal after having been trafficked. They run homes for 200 girls, a school, and medical and dental clinics that are also available to the community. The Children of Nepal focuses on disadvantaged boys—providing a home, education and a future.

Funding for this is a mix of self-funding plus grants made from your giving, fund-raising (Feijoada) and the Ministers discretionary fund.

Special Focus in Nepal

Currently, we have a focus on HASTA MEMORIAL SCHOOL, previously known as THE SPRING SCHOOL

This is a new project initiated by Anjali, a graduate of AoGE. Her dream is to establish a school in her home district in Nepal to prevent more girls from being trafficked, to give them a bright future, to raise awareness, and to change the mindset of her people. 

The school is named in honour of Anjali’s father who was himself a teacher before his untimely death.

In 2017 we raised just over $16000 for this, but have waited until the land was purchased before doing more.  On Tuesday 4th August 2020 the sale and purchase agreement for a suitable block of land was confirmed. And in late November work began. 

Between July and Christmas 2020 we have been part of an effort to raise the funds required to complete the build and opening of the school and are delighted that in those few months US$90,000 has been gathered from across New Zealand and around the world. In the future, we expect to make further contributions to the development and maintenance needs of the School, including the purchase of extra land needed for future development, and in early 2021 we will be inviting individuals to sponsor a child so that school scholarships can be offered.

Scholarship Programme – coming soon. (email for details)

You can make a difference in a child’s life and reduce the chances of their being trafficked. The cost of a scholarship is $15 (Fifteen dollars) per month or $180.00 (one hundred eighty dollars) per year. This pays the school fees and supplies for one child.

More information and how to give can be found at this link or by scanning the QR code. 


The work here is in partnership with the Santo Bush Mission, a Christian organisation under the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu serving a number of villages on Espiritu Santo, the largest island of Vanuatu.

The Bush Mission involves visits to remote villages requiring at times 4-6 hours of walking. We are developing warm relationships with a number of these villages where we are able to encourage the Christian ministry, discipleship, and ministry with the children and families. The Mission Farm teaches students carpentry, farming, and agricultural and horticultural skills among others, so there are plenty of opportunities to contribute. For the teachers, the local school and pre-school are also grateful of short-term assistance.

The ministry of the Santo Bush Mission is holistic—bringing good news to every aspect of the people. We offer support by visiting annually and by committing to cover the full cost of one of their teachers and also a pastor.  As with Nepal the funds for this come from your giving, self-funding, grants from fundraising, and discretionary funds.

Joao and Tania Petreceli

Between January 2012 and March 2019 Ps Joao and Tania lived in Queenstown and worked with us in developing a local international congregation and mission to Nepal. Ps Joao resigned his position with us in early March 2019 to focus on ministry overseas. We continue in partnership and are committed to prayerful support of the missionary couple.

Senegal, Sudan, China, Japan

more to come

How to Give

At any time place your financial gift in an envelope, write clearly the purpose of your gift and add your name and contact information if you require a receipt, and add it to the offering. Any unspecified giving will be used to support the work in Nepal and Vanuatu.

If you prefer gifts can be made at any time by making a deposit to the Church bank account. Please include in the reference Mission and the specific ministry you wish to support. Also please send an email (wcpchurch@xtra.co.nz) to the church office advising of your deposit and the reasons you are giving it.

The account details are
Bank: BNZ Account Name: Wakatipu Presbyterian Church
Account: 02-0948-0020110-000

Find out more by speaking with one of the Ministers.