Throughout Scripture giving to God and to others is an underlying foundation of faithful God-honouring life. 

Giving is a response to the grace that God extends to us. While we can never match the extent of God’s giving, we should seek to respond to the grace God has given us through our actions and our attitudes.

Giving should never be a matter of guilt, rather we should give freely, joyfully, and generously. Giving is a seed you sow, an investment in the Kingdom of God, it is not a debt you owe.

As a local church, we aim to live in Christ, and to grow as a Community of Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy, all the while we seek to grow God’s kingdom one life at a time.

We can all play our part in this by prayer and by the giving of our time and talents. But we can also impact the vision by giving money. When more is given, more is possible.

Our giving should be proportionate to our resources. The Old Testament teaches the principle of tithing and this is a good starting point for New Testament generosity. Tithing simply means giving at least 10% of our income to the kingdom of God. 

Giving is:

  • a response of gratitude
  • a spiritual discipline that you have chosen to perform 
  • an expression of your love for God
  • an expression of your love for others
  • sacrificial 
  • an acknowledgment of God as the source of all you have
  • a way of contributing to the life, mission, vision, and goals of the local church. 

Tax Rebate
the Church is a registered Charity, which means that you can receive a tax rebate from the IRD. Contact the church office for a donation number so that we can give you a receipt at the end of each financial year.

How to give:
1. Set up an online payment from your bank account, this can be a one-off or an Automatic Payment that repeats as often as you choose. But please note a monthly contribution is easier for the church office to administer.  Remember to add your Donation Number and the reason for your donation, i.e. ‘monthly offering’

2. By cash in the Sunday offering

3. By Leaving a Bequest

A bequest can change many lives. You can make a real difference to the good work of your Church by making a Will and choosing to leave a bequest which will be a lasting symbol of your generosity. Past bequests have and are contributing to the development of ministry amongst children and teens, maintaining and developing church facilities, ensuring new opportunities for ministry and mission are taken.

Your bequest is a way of blessing your Church and the future generations who will follow you – would you like to leave a bequest to further the good work of your Church?
The place to start is by talking with your legal advisor to ensure your wishes are met appropriately. You might also like to discuss this with one of the Ministers to understand how a bequest will make a meaningful difference in the future life of the Church.

Jesus said: “For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Special Giving

We encourage giving for mission special projects. These are:

  1. Nepal Church Planters. We support two Church Planters in Nepal. Each receives $6307/year and this is raised from the generosity of Church members who commit to a regular extra monthly gift in support of this.    
  2. Hasta Memorial School. We continue to raise funds to ensure the successful operating and development of this school. Today our main focus is providing funds every quarter so that scholarships can be offered to students to study at the school. Read more detail here. 
  3. Nepal and Vanuatu general. Money raised strengthens our ability to support the work of the Aashish Presbyterian Church and the Apple of God’s Eyes in Nepal, and the Santo Bush Mission in Vanuatu.
  4. Children and Families Ministry – Frankton Queenstown
  5. Children and Families Ministry – Arrowtown

use the bank account below and be sure to include the reason for your gift in the references. It is also helpful to email – –  the church office with the reason for, and details of your gift when you first set this up. 

Bank Account details:

Bank: BNZ

Account Name: Wakatipu Presbyterian Church

Account: 02-0948-0020110-000


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Recent Posts

Our Mission, Vision, Values and General Goals

Our Mission: To live in Christ, and to grow as a Community of Faith, Hope, Love and Joy.

Our Vision: Growing God’s kingdom one life at a time.

Our Values: Wakatipu Presbyterian Church is a community who are…

centered on the Bible

The Bible is the living and active story of God. We are called to know, live, and share God’s story. Psalm 119:105, Hebrews 4:12, 2 Timothy 3:16

growing in God’s Love

Jesus calls us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Mark 12:3-31, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

United in Worship

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to express the glory of God with adoration in spirit and truth. Psalm 95:6-7, Revelation 14:7

called to Discipleship

Following Jesus we are called to know him, grow in his likeness, and to make disciples. Matthew 4:19, Matthew 28:19-20

encouraged to Participate 

We value the participation of all ages using their spiritual giftings and strengths to build up the church as the body of Christ. 1 Peter 4:10, Mark 10:14. 1 Corinthians 14:26

Current (ratified August 2014) Goals: 

  • To develop new opportunities for people to know Christ and to worship.
  • To invite people of all ages to faith.
  • To strengthen the existing congregations that they may grow and offer space/protection to the newly formed groups till they are established and strong, and they in turn can nourish and encourage the older congregations.
  • To ensure that discipleship becomes a way of life (for all members) and not simply a programme.
  • To ensure the Church is involved in the community, where we are actively seeking ways to be a blessing to all peoples.
  • To strengthen and broaden our leadership to better reach our diverse and growing community.
  • To be a Church of positive influence in the community for this and coming generations.

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