Wakatipu Global Community

Wakatipu Global CommunityQueenstown is a global village – possibly more so than any other town or city in New Zealand and even on the world scene, there are few places hosting so many diverse nationalities.

Here in New Zealand, we are privileged to have as our national anthem a prayer which acknowledges God as being the God of the nations. As a church we do believe that God calls all people to worship together, irrespective of language or race. Our desire is to share with those who come here from all parts of the world the good news of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

We pray that people may come here from all corners of the world, be encouraged, be blessed, be born again as children of God and then when they go take that knowledge and love with them, that they, in turn, may share God’s truth around this needy world.

Check out the Wakatipu Global Community at worship 6.30pm every Sunday evening, by emailing or ringing the church office and on Facebook

Preaching is typically conducted in Brazilian Portuguese with the rest of the service a mix of English, Spanish and Portuguese. The sermons are translated into English.