Ministry Team

As a church of Jesus Christ we give thanks that all his followers are called to service; indeed our life and work is enabled by a diverse team of staff and a host of others who give generously of their time, talents, and love.

The Church Council: (effective 29 September 2019)

Ministers: Ian Guy (Moderator – non-voting); Carlton Johnstone; Clay Peterson de Oliveira

Church Clerk: Shirley Watson (18)
Council Appointee: 
Treasurer: David McNeill (19) 
Congregational reps: Arrowtown: Jayson Badenhop (19), Global:  none appointed at this time; Manna: Janetta Coulter (20), Kerrie Sproull (20), Kim Wilkinson (20); Frankton: Janet Rutherford (17), Lindsay Key (18), Raewyn Byars (19)

Associates (non-voting): Cláudio César Gonçalves (19),  

The Elders: 

Arrowtown Basil Paterson. Eileen Toner, Leslie Jeffery, Pat Henderson, Jayson Badenhop.

Frankton Shirley Watson, Raewyn Byars, Bronwyn Hartley, Lindsay Key, Jan Thomas, Thunes Cloete. 

Global Cláudio César Gonçalves,  

Manna Alison Naylor, Janetta Coulter, Kerry Sproull, Peter Willsman

The Ministry Team below are therefore but part of a large team called by God to serve in this place.