Pastor’s Pen 17 Aug ’12

Dear Church,
I’m late, I’m late – had you noticed?
It’s been one of those weeks.
Please remember to keep your good quality, copyright free, images of the churches and diverse activities of our whole church coming in. Shots of the wider area from the ground or air would also be useful. Can you please share what you have by emailing them to me asap. 
This week Geoff will be leading the folk at Frankton while I continue with Joseph’s story at Arrowtown and Queenstown. The readings this week are all of Genesis 39 & 40 – so get reading now. See if you notice what the text is saying about God; what it says about Joseph; and what it says about life? (Just a small question!)


Please note copies of previous sermons are normally posted on our Facebook page or on my own page. Feel free to look, to comment, to share.

This week:  also note Messy Church this Sunday – more info below.


Location Preacher Time


Manna Café Team 9am
St Margarets – Frankton Geoff 9am
St Johns – Arrowtown Ian 9am
St Andrews Queenstown Ian 10.45am
CONTAINER SORTING – in the morning – Saturday 9:30am – St Margaret’s. A short working bee to sort the containers in preparation for the Church Fair. I’m promised it won’t take long!
Tonight!  6 to 8pm.    Finishes next week – so if you haven’t been yet then next week is it. You really need to experience this! 
Coming up:  
Alpha Course! OK this is sneaking up on us now. We’ll have invitations at all 3 churches for you to take and give to someone from this week.
The group will begin Sept 8th. 
We are seeking to provide an environment in which people can come and enjoy a good meal, develop friendships and explore the deep questions of life and what our Christian faith is about. Over 8 weeks we seek to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to place their trust in him. The teaching will be in English but will be supplemented by leaders available to answer questions and discuss the issues in Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and English!
Your help is needed.
  • please pray and consider who you can invite.
  • interested in helping run small groups – then let me know!
  • able to help by preparing meals, serving, cleaning up – please contact me.
  • wanting to help pay for resources (Cost will be about $600, more or less depending on numbers – advertising, study books, follow up resources etc) – speak to me.

Look out for this one! THIS SUNDAY!!!!


St John’s Church Hall – Arrowtown.  Sunday 19th August from 4pm

Please bring children!!! and finger food for a shared meal.

Saturday 27th October is our FAIR DAY!
Donations of the following can be made from now on by leaving them at the St Margaret’s kitchen:
  • Oranges, lemons, grapefruit for marmalade.
  • Frozen Fruit for Jam
  • Packs of Grated Cheese for Cheese Rolls
Please feel free to share this email with others you believe will be interested.

Remember you can also find us on the Web, either our own site or connect on Facebook
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