Pastor’s Pen – 7 September 2012

Dear Church,
Sad news this week with the death yesterday of John Manson of Arrowtown. Westray and their daughter Fiona are supporting one another and are also well supported by the church and Arrowtown community. John’s funeral service will be held at St John’s on Monday at 2pm.

This week we conclude (for a time) our following of Joseph’s story.
Much has changed in his life: from rejection, slavery, prison and now power. And here we now see him reunited with his brothers. Clearly it’s not an easy meeting, you sense Joseph wrestles with his emotions, surely part of him wants justice or is revenge a better word, let kinship is strong, and love and responsibility is also present.
We all have a choice when it comes to dealing with our past: we can stay in the pain – we can increase the pain and shut the door on healing; or we can choose a better way, God’s way.
The text this week is Genesis 42: 1-29, 36-38 I also encourage you to continue reading to Genesis 46: 7
Ian   Please note copies of previous sermons are normally posted on our Facebook page or on my own page. Feel free to look, to comment, to share.
Alpha Course! Starts this Saturday! We don’t know how many are coming yet, but it sounds like about 25! There is still time to register – email me today!!!
Introduction Dinner! 6 to 8pm at St Andrew’s  then every Saturday evening until early Nov.  
We are seeking to provide an environment in which people can come and enjoy a good meal, develop friendships and explore the deep questions of life and what our Christian faith is about. Over 8 weeks we seek to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to place their trust in him. The teaching will be in English but will be supplemented by leaders available to answer questions and discuss the issues in Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and English!
HELPERS REQUIRED: For this week we have enough helpers to prepare meals, serve and clean up – thank you. Over the coming weeks however we will need people who can:
  • prepare a meal
  • provide salads/bread/drinks
  • offer to serve and clean up
Please let me know if and when you can do this. Thank you!
Also everyone please continue in prayer.

ANNUAL MEETING – Sunday 30th September – reports are due NOW, please send to Jean.
Saturday 27th October is our FAIR DAY!
Donations of the following can be made from now on by leaving them at the St Margaret’s kitchen:
  • Oranges, lemons, grapefruit for marmalade.
  • Frozen Fruit for Jam
  • Packs of Grated Cheese for Cheese Rolls  

The Heart of Leadership: Developing unity and dealing with conflict in personal and parish settings
a training workshop for those in church leadership.
Invercargill: Saturday 22nd September, 9:30am to 4:30pm. Windsor Presbyterian Church, 19 Windsor St.
Information and registration contact Zona Pearce on 03 217 7047 or
Parenting Course – full details available here
With Vicky and Sila Lee, the founders of Relationship Central. The Parenting Course will be offered in Christchurch on the 26th October.