Pastor’s Pen – 28 September

Dear Church,This Sunday we gather at St Margaret’s at 10.30am (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS CORRECT – information about St Andrew’s is incorrect) for our end of month combined service and shared lunch. This week we also take a little time to conduct the business of the Annual Meeting. I know that some of you will groan at the thought of a meeting but I trust you can come to this particular meeting with an attitude of thanksgiving and anticipation. This will be a time to hear some stories and to celebrate all that God is doing in our midst, and maybe, if we dare, to begin dreaming of what might be as we faithfully follow God in tomorrow.

I’ll be reflecting on Hebrews 11 and would encourage you to do likewise between now and Sunday. This chapter reminds us of some wonderful men and women of faith who achieved remarkable things. But the real point surely is that these men and women were actually pretty ordinary, they were weak and at times disobedient to God, yet they had faith and their faith was in God who they believed was trustworthy and who could do the impossible. Why else would they have stepped out of their places of comfort, taken the risks, exposed themselves to ridicule except that they believed that God was worth following no matter what. As we look back on our lives, either personal or corporate, where have we stepped out in faith? What has that cost us? What have been the results?
What I wonder is the new thing that God is calling you to, what is God calling us to? 
Do we have the faith to step out?
Services this Sunday: 30th September


Manna Café – Queenstown Team 9am
Combined service and Annual meeting at:St Margarets – Frankton Ian Guy 10.30am

Combined service followed by SHARED LUNCH

ALPHA:     continues this Saturday. We are having some remarkable conversations. Plenty is going on in people’s lives.
Meals continue to be needed – please let Amanda or myself know if you can help. Also to those who have offered to help with meals: we do have enough for this week but we will need ongoing help. Also help is required to serve and clean up: please let me know if this is you! Can we also all be in prayer please for those participating in Alpha that God may use this time to reveal himself to them in fresh, deep and compelling ways.
Special Guests:    The Fleck Family: Kenneth & Kim, Jenna & Shani, will be with us on Sunday 7th October, when they will speak at St John’s at 9am followed by St Andrew’s at 10:45am. Usually living in Chiang Mai, Thailand Kim and Kenneth head up the HIV prevention work of SIM in Asia with a focus on community transformation. Next Sunday Kenneth and Kim will introduce you to their work, share a little of their experience in Thailand and bring us a message from God’s word. You are also invited to contribute to a special offering in support of the Fleck family.
To understand more of their work view the video ‘Radical Grace from Kenneth Fleckor visit the Hope for Aids site.

General Assembly: I will be away from the 2nd to 11th October to attend the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, plus have a few days leave. Murray Shallard will also be in attendance as will Pastor João Petreceli who will be an international guest of the Assembly representing the Presbyterian Church of Chile.
Fair Update: Saturday 27th October is our FAIR DAY!

Thank you to those who have donated ingredients for the marmalade making and to those who have made donations of money to help make goods for the Produce Stall- much appreciated.

Right now is the right time to be potting up seedlings from your garden and planting cuttings from bushes that are starting to grow again after their winter hibernation.

A new stall at the Fair this year combined with cheese rolls is a Cup Cake Stall. So we’ll be looking for support from the cup cake makers in our community.

We are on the lookout for someone to run the mini golf game – all the gear is supplied, so if this sounds like you please let a committee member know.

Like last year there will be a second ice cream and drinks stall in the show ring and we need 2 or 3 people to sell these goods. Let a committee member know if you are willing to help here. We need help from EVERYONE on Fair Day so please consider these requests.